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College Prep + Mentoring + Professional Development

Make YGC the College Counseling & Scholarships partner for your middle or high school

College 101: College Awareness Course

We bring college inspiration full circle by offering our College

101: College Awareness Course. This amazing 6 part course teaches students all they need to know about the college admissions process, college landscape, scholarships, internships, campus organizations and much more. At the end of each course, we test students and provide feedback on their performance. 
This game changing college awareness course includes a college tour and truly prepares students to achieve their full potential. Also, we reward high performing participants with limited free YGC apparel and a College 101 certificate.

Mentoring + Professional Development

High school students can enroll in our 6 part mentoring and professional development program. These students are paired with mentors who are current college students at a local university. On a monthly basis, students meet with their mentors and program leaders teach developmental topics such as college admissions, scholarships, STEM careers, SEL Learning, resume writing, job interview skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and trade careers.

College Counseling

Most high schools don't have a college counselor on staff and YGC is here to ensure that no student gets left behind. Our college counseling services are available throughout the school year and we help students with college plan development, scholarship applications, essay writing and more. 

With our college counseling program, each student will be assigned a YGC College Counselor and will be given access to our digital College Tracking System. Our industry leading College Tracking System monitors and assists students' progress towards college from 9th grade through senior year of high school. We ensure that students and parents are on track towards reaching their college goals. The system includes advice, information and reminders about college applications, financial aid deadlines, SAT test dates, college visits, scholarship recommendations and more. 

College Tours

We create fun, safe and informative College Tours with a uniquely cool atmosphere that promotes education and achievement. ​

During tours, we connect you to every aspect of the college experience. Including classes, professors, admissions, student life, cafeterias, campus organizations, fraternities, sororities, athletics, dorms, financial aid, scholarships, scholarships.

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