A Few Benefits of the Spelman Experience

Spelman College is often recognized for its ability to produce some of the country’s most success driven black women. Spelman has a large selection of awards and honors, such as being ranked as 1 of the top 100 liberal art schools, the number 1 HBCU, the tenth most innovative school nationally, and that’s just name a few. More can be found here. My experience at such an illustrious institution has had many benefits on an educational, social, and cultural basis.

Educational Benefits

The learning experience is very welcoming and engaging. Faculty and staff often challenge the students of Spelman to meet their full potential mentally and physically. We are charged with the responsibility of maintaining academic integrity, which encompasses creation of individual original work, business professional relationships with professors, and respect amongst classmates. Classroom sizes are never too large to the point that a student may not be able to stay focused, and the opportunity to expand your knowledge is always there.

Social Benefits

Spelman’s liberal culture encourages everyone of the community to be open and receptive to the opinions and behaviors of others as we expand our own ways of thinking. Any student that attends this institution at any point of their life is guaranteed to leave with more knowledge than they came with or a different way of perceiving that knowledge. We are also granted the opportunity to interact with business people from all over the world.

Cultural Benefits

Furthermore, the different backgrounds associated with each Spelmanite creates a mode of intersectionality. Our previous culture is often syncretized with that of Spelman and our sisters. This gives students the ability to interact with others from all over the world through,not only, language, but also, interpersonally.

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