What Comes Next?

“What are your plans after you finish college?” is a question we are all too familiar with. Of course our answers vary from attending law school, graduate school, working for fortune 500 companies, or making an attempt to become humanitarians. Some may know exactly what they want to do after they obtain their under-graduate degree. For many they are uncertain of which path to take. Attending job fairs can help generate ideas of what fields you should consider. When attending a job fair you should attempt think outside the box in regards to your major.

Although your concentration may not be the exact requirements of what a company is looking for, they could offer an opportunity or even direct you towards opportunities you should consider. The process can be overwhelming as you try to find what best suits you and the competition that you are facing. It important that you focus on strengths and what makes you a desirable candidate for any opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. Tell them why you should be chosen over the next candidate. The same approach can be applied in whatever path you decide to take. No matter what make sure that you are confident, passionate, and focused in the path that you take. Everyone’s path may be different; so don’t be afraid to take a different route. Whatever it may be, try to make the next step that you take the most productive you one can make.

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