Getting a Job After College

There’s no secret regarding the sole purpose of obtaining a college education, which is to obtain the opportunity and resources to prepare us for a career in the field of our choice. Colleges usually provide career fairs that allow students to test their social and professionalism in a business atmosphere. We are able to be engaged in the process of interviews and the importance of networking as we matriculate. The people we come in contact with at these career fairs are usually from big corporations searching for students who are actively engaged on their college campuses with events and organizations that also promote the same career goals as the company. They are faced with multiple versions of people and choices for possible internees and partners, and the decision for them is just as difficult as it is for prospective employees, the students.

In these career fairs, we are all looking for “the best” opportunity. We all want to receive the best internship or hired position that has suitable work, economic, and learning experiences, and organizers are searching for the best candidates based on in person preparedness and experience. When entering these opportunities, students must always remember these steps:

1.) Dress business- professional in a comfortable fashion

2.) Have copies of your resume/business cards, paper, and a pen in a portfolio folder

3.) Do research on the companies that may interest you and available at the fair (This will make you more favorable for the employers)

4.) Have answers to possible interview questions already programmed in your head

5.) Shake hands firmly and have a short and simple introduction for yourself

Overall, it is important to participate in these job opportunities to ensure our real goal, a career. We must understand that obtaining a degree and furthering our education only gives us credentials. What we do while we are achieving that degree makes the actual difference.

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