Advice to A College Freshman

Entering college after high school is one of the most exciting experiences a growing adult will experience. It can change your life for better or worse as we continue to learn ourselves in a different environment with people from various culture backgrounds. These times will be a person’s most trialing years, and with that comes a need for advice or tips to success.

Tip 1:

Be open to try new things

Tip 2:

Don’t be afraid to meet new people

Tip 3:

Get involved on campus by volunteering, joining organizations, and going to programs

Tip 4:

Explore your career goals with internships

Tip 5:

Explore your campus resources. You never know how far you can go or what you may need.

Tip 6:

Stay organized because things can get hectic. There’s no constant reminded for anything.

Tip 7:

Stay in shape. The “Freshman 15” is real!

Tip 8:

Visit your professors/staff during office hours. You’ll need them for your resume & a better understanding of course expectations.

Tip 9:

Every party is NOT a requirement. Time management will be everything!

Tip 10:

Study! Eat! Sleep! Pray! Repeat! Success doesn’t come overnight.

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