Advice From a Veteran

This is a new chapter in life for you. For 17 or 18 years of your life, you did not have to think of what your daily routine would be. For about 10 months all you had to do was wake up and go to school. Almost everyone had this same schedule. It was almost second nature to you. But now things are different. The culture, in which you are part of now, treats you like a young adult. You are expected to behave responsibly and make decisions that are conducive to your success. With your newfound liberty, you can become overwhelmed. If you desire, you can go out and party every single night of the week. However decisions such as that come with a price. One of the biggest keys to being successful in college is maintaining balance.

There will be times in which your hard work will bleed into the time you may have allocated for leisure. But this would maintain the well-needed balance in order to maintain your requirements to continue to attending school. In order to maintain a high level of efficiency one should comprise a schedule. This schedule should be followed as close as possible to the point that it becomes second nature. Also the people that one spends time with can be important. It is important to network. Being social is hardly a crime; however it is important to be surrounded around those who take their education as seriously as you. Sharing an ideology or a drive can push you closer to the goals that you want to achieve. Spending extended periods of time with people who are not as focused as you can cause you to lose sight and pick up bad habits. You will be surprised how this may affect you.

In this new chapter, focus on balancing your time between goals and aspirations and just being a typical young adult. It is no easy task. But with balance, everything has a way of falling into place.

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