A Unique Opportunity

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are able to provide students with unique experiences. Oftentimes the critics of these types of institutions are the lack of diversity and the “quality” of the education that students receive. These are unfortunate misconceptions that have a tendency of discouraging potential students. Although in HBCUs the student body typically is Black (one can hardly say African-Americans due to the Caribbean and African population) there are other minorities that attend these institutions.

Although some of the student body may appear to look alike, the backgrounds and culture that students have are different. Academics in HBCUs tend to take a different approach than Predominantly White Institutions. Some portions of academics in PWIs tend to take a Eurocentric approach. In HBCUs one is able to learn a different perspective with an understanding of how people who share their heritage contributed to the world. The disparity of ideologies tends to be more obvious in some of the Humanities. Socially, HBCUs provides a kinship through the student body as well as the faculty and staff. These bonds that develop have been able to cultivate potential and provide purpose to those students that may be out of touch.

HBCUs arguably cause their students to be more socially conscience as well as socially responsible (in terms of their community) because of the institution’s acknowledgement of the obstacles that minorities is expected to face. Attending an HBCU is an underrated privilege that more people should consider. It truly is a unique opportunity.

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