Coming Home

Each year there is a week that dedicated to those who are in the process of achieving or have already achieved scholastic excellence. This week has a habit of being overshadowed by the parties and non-stop “turn-up”. In fact, it is a time that is allocated to demonstrate the appreciation of community among the faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Homecoming is one of the most opportune times to demonstrate school spirit and pride.

So often one is able to find themselves through the experiences of college. The process of self-discovery and cultivation is something that should always be celebrated. But there is something about this week that makes one appreciate their growth that much more. For four years this has been your home. Whether you are a transfer student, commute, or you are a “super” senior your ties to your brothers and sisters are not less meaningful. Everyone contributes in his or her own way.

Historically black colleges and universities have an extraordinary sense of community and kinships. The bonds that are formed at our unique institutions are ones that are not easily severed. Of course, like siblings, we may attempt to outperform each other. Competition is natural among sibling rivalries. A saying that many can recall hearing states “Home is where the heart is”.

In the place where we form bonds, exchange ideas, create memories, and obtain tools that are vital to impact the world, one can hardly call anywhere else home. Some may disagree. However a home away from home is still a home nonetheless. We should remember the true meaning and values during this week when we come home every year.

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