AUC Homecoming: What makes it one of the best HBCU homecomings?

October 18th through October 24th marked a significant time period in the social history of the Atlanta University Center (AUC) as Homecoming 2015 kicked off. Homecomings in the AUC community take a more personal meaning due to the bond current and former students continue to strengthen in an atmosphere filled with laughter, socialization, music, friendly competition and marketing.

Alumni usually return just to reminisce over the years that have passed and the differences the Atlanta University Center has underwent as resources and opportunities have become more abundant for the black community. Our homecoming is a symbol of unity, tradition and pride for some of the country’s and the city of Atlanta’s most well-known institutions.

Here are 5 reasons the AUC homecoming is one of the absolute best experiences a person could ever have:

1. Everyone is treated the same no matter the graduating class.

Interactions between alumni and current students exhibit the behavior of a sister and brother relationship. Alumni invite people to their tents, which usually have free food and beverages. There are always smiles and greetings that come along with that. It’s like we are all just excited to be in a moment filled with so much love...BLACK love.

2. It’s a closed atmosphere, yet so many people come participate from all over the country and city.

Most college homecomings are widely opened to the public, but the AUC homecoming is more welcoming towards the family and friends of the alumni and current students. The blocks surrounding the campuses are blocked off which gives homecoming a more personal meaning. We are able to vibe with one another in our own gates and in our own community. This makes it more personal for everyone who may be involved in the experience, even if someone may just be visiting alongside a friend.

3. There are 3 institutions who celebrate 1 moment of homecoming together.

Though all events that occur during homecoming week cannot be celebrated in one setting due to the high population of each school, there is still that sense of unity. This gives students a moment to disregard the ideologies of who is better than who. There are more people, more social opportunities, more opportunities to network with alumni for jobs and more perspectives of enjoyment.

4. You never know what you’ll see, who you’ll meet, or experience.

All homecomings typically have a week filled with events. The beauty of the AUC homecoming events is the fact that they let you know little of what to expect so everything won’t be so predictable. They also make it their business to at least expose you to something or someone that’s not highly anticipated. It’s like we still have fun and learn something at the same time, and sometimes that lesson may not be fully comprehended until weeks later.

5. It gets better and better by the year.

There’s always something to look forward to with the AUC homecoming! Nothing is ever exactly the same way that it was presented to us in the year before. The events change, but the bonds betweeen the students and alumni only get stronger.

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