Young Genius Crew, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded by a motivational speaker who is passionate about youth education and closing the achievement gap. Our mission is to inspire students to go to college and achieve their full potential thru our college counseling, professional development, college tour and mentoring services. ​ ​

In addition to our services, YGC creates backpacks and launched a College Tracking System that helps students, parents and schools monitor and manage student progress towards college.​ 

Our “Young Genius Movement” encourages teens to become nerds and changes the negative mentality that too many students have towards education. ​

Formerly known as ILoveCollege Clothing, YGC is the premier youth brand that inspires achievement and brings out the exciting elements of the college lifestyle. ​

Make YGC the College Counseling & Admissions partner for your middle or high school